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Top 3 Tips to Make you Granite Selection Expert
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Granite countertop is one of the most popular choicesfor the millions of families. While selecting a kitchen worktop, there are a variety of options available. However, granite is one of the toughest stone and hence most desired.

Selecting a right granite slab is but very important. Many people rely on professional consultants, while many have faithin their own knowledge.

How to Select Best Granite Worktop

There is no doubt about durability and sturdiness of granite stone. But you can make your kitchen look stunning as well. Here is how to pick the best granite kitchen worktop.

  1. Colour Factor

You can beautify your kitchen without high gloss or marble worktops. Make sure that you pick the colour of the worktop that harmonizes with the colour of the kitchen cabinets. You can either harmonize or choose a contrasting colour. White granite would go well with espresso brown cabinets. Whether you match or contrast, the pairingshould look beautiful.

  1. Identify Real Granite

Granite is a solid stone and hence popular as a countertop. But there are granites which are not rock solid and real granite. You might get lured by Schist stones which are very weak and tend to get chipped soon. Hence, avoid sparkling stones that are not real rocks. Unreal Schist stones may appear glittery but they are not solid rocks for your kitchen worktop.

  1. Tile or Slab

You can choose between a slab of granite or a tile granite. Tile granite kitchen tops are comparatively cost-effective. But they will display grout lines. While a solid slab of granite might show or do not show grout lines.

Right selection, installation, and maintenance will help you to preserve the natural beauty of granite for a longer period. Stay with us to know more about stones and marbles for your homes.

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